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Viktor Petukhov, phd

Machine learning generalist who can help you to translate your business needs into technical requirements and bring them to life. Fast.
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Biostatistics
  • Python
  • Julia
  • R
  • C++
  • 2039 citations according to Google Scholar
I hold a PhD in Biostatistics, during which I developed 8 open source packages used by thousands of researchers worldwide. I also worked as a Data Science Team Lead, and then as an independent AI consultant, mastering converting business needs into technical terms. Combining scientific and enterprise experience, I can support your company on the full spectrum from identifying a business problem to building a production-ready AI solution.
About me

What can i help with

Adding AI to your organization: evaluating your ideas, building a prototype and getting funding
Machine learning
  • Direct work on your project
    Analysing your data or developing novel machine learning methods for your problem
  • R&D
    Gathering data and building an MVP for testing new ideas
  • Adding AI to your organization
    Evaluating your ideas, building a prototype and getting funding.If you don’t have an AI department yet, but you think you need one, I can help that. From evaluating your ideas and prototyping the service to helping with funding applications and finding people for the department
  • Make your organization data driven
    Having right data can drastically improve strategic decision making, as well as company operations. I can help you to set up data pipelines, which would guide your decisions by providing insights from both data within your company and external sources, relevant to your problem.
Computational biology
  • experiment design
  • analysis and interpretation of data
  • developing methods and models for biological data
  • independent evaluation of your results
  • for transcriptomics, picking a right experimental method for your problem
Steps to get started
Task Discussion
We study the current state of affairs. We clarify with the client what data and resources are available.
Discussion of the concrete steps of the work
We discuss possible options for solving the client's problem, choose tools.
Formulating a proposal
After discussing the steps, I formulate a concrete plan with future results and timelines.
Getting Started
I work incrementally, that is, the results are visible after each iteration, usuallyevery week.
Share your contacts to discuss your ideas and needs
If there is no specific request, but you are interested in how machine learning can be useful to you — feel free to write too
If you need to attach any materials — send your request to e-mail